What is Kidney Disease?

Many patients are unaware they have kidney disease as it is painless in its early stages. The kidneys perform many important functions in the body. They filter waste products from the blood and dispose of them in the urine. The kidneys also produce hormones that help the body produce red blood cells, regulate blood pressure and maintain strong bones. Because the kidneys perform so many important functions, kidney disease can be complicated to treat and difficult to manage.

Transplant and Nephrology Northwest specializes in kidney diseases and hypertension. Dr. Thakur specializes in the evaluation and treatment of the following patient problems:

  • Kidney disease in diabetics
  • Difficult to treat hypertension
  • Anemia related to kidney disease
  • Recurrent kidney stone prevention
  • Management of dialysis
  • Screening Donors and Recipients for renal transplantation
  • Management of patients (immunosuppression) following transplantation
  • Kidney cysts and masses
  • Low potassium and other blood chemistry problems