Dr. Thakur’s book Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor is written for those considering a career in medicine. 

Students graduate from medical school with a knowledge of body systems, disease processes, and care algorithms. They’ve learned to treat but not necessarily how to connect with patients as people. It’s these difficult-to-learn connection skills that trip doctors up and that patients need doctors to have to ensure the best outcomes. Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor is a witty, relatable, and honest book full of sage advice regarding the real-life challenges and practice demands of becoming and being a physician.

Dr. Thakur shares actionable wisdom through relatable, engaging metaphors and anecdotes about the thinking and listening skills required to make beneficial decisions for everything from choosing a career path to diagnosing difficult cases once in practice. He also shares stories about how a skillful physician interacts with, and speaks to, patients. Dr. Thakur’s insights make an excellent primer for physicians-in-training and new physicians; they’ll also resonate with experienced doctors, re-energizing their patient interactions and their commitment to their chosen healing profession.